Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sleep Dealer


In a futuristic yet not unfamiliar world, the lives of three strangers connect in surprising ways amid a backdrop of militarization, closed borders and an all-encompassing global technological network. At the center of this potent sci-fi tale (nominated for a Best First Feature Independent Spirit Award) are Memo (Luis Fernando Peña), a peasant displaced after his village is attacked; Luz, a writer (Leonor Varela) who plugs her brain into the net; and Rudy (Jacob Vargas), an American security company worker.


A potent, time piece of realistic technologically steered rhetoric placed in the not so distant future,
where the borders of Mexico and the USA have been permanently blocked off to end illegal immigration.
A young man named Memo is out of touch with his boring country lifestyle and does not appreciate the smalls things in life until they are taken away from him, though his heart is indeed a great one.
Upon a tragedy Memo sets off to Tijuana to get a job working in San Diego, Ca... wait, what?
You see there is a company called TruNode, throughout the film we are filled in with commercials that throwback to propaganda, encouraging people of all shapes, sizes and creeds
to have nodes installed into their bodies and "plug in" and via remote viewing, work remotely a machine in the United States. A very cool concepts filled with budgeted yet ambitious special effects and detailed, yet not far fetched gadgets and machinery.
Along the way Memo befriends a girl and there is your love story. Great film. Looking forward to seeing what this director does next. A very promising young talent.