Thursday, November 5, 2009

Last Life in the Universe

Thailand/Japan 2003


Damn. I put this one off for too long and I'm not really one to talk not having seen
Pen-Ek Ratanaruang first feature 6ixty9ine. This is good stuff. I was very impressed
with the amount of detail put into this where it was actually questionable.
Questionable in the realm of it was probably real and not staged. The house in the film
was so disgusting and laughable. Very convincing. The film really went no where but it's so quietly done and delicate that it never feels aimless even with the linear breaking editing. Things feel ghostly, throughout, where tragedy strikes and beauty grows where one dies and loneliness is a gift in disguise that holds an even bigger gift inside. This guy loves Woody Allen. And Takashi Miike has a role in the film's 3rd act!
I really want to see Nymph now.

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