Sunday, January 4, 2009

Citizen Dog

2004 Thailand

Ignoring his grandmother's warning that he'll grow a tail if he moves to Bangkok, Pod leaves the safety of his village for a job in a big-city factory that produces canned sardines. He accidentally loses his finger, but he ultimately finds true love. Wisit Sasanatieng directs this surrealistic Thai romance with fanciful visuals and elaborate special effects that has drawn comparisons to the French film Amélie.

I can definitely see the comparisons to Jeunet 's Amelie. I have even heard that this was better. I couldn't disagree more. On many notes this film does pull out a thorough imaginative set of cards but I absolutely could not stand the lead actress in this. As hard as Wisit pushed to make her character intriguing and/or compelling it was an epic fail. I completely despised her autistic-esque naivety, which for me was one of the FEW flaws of the movie. Another issue I had with the film was the constant music video pacing and editing however the attention to detail through sequences with extensive lush colors made up for the forced quirky characters. You know in all Disney movies there is just this one character by Disney default that is super corny and funny but also irritating? If you know what I mean, well this film's cast was filled with them. Hit and miss at that. But it really is a great film and I was satisfied and I think a lot of people that have yet seen it, will love it.

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