Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Unborn

Thailand 2003

After waking up in a hospital to discover she's been brutally beaten and is pregnant, Por is understandably confused, unable to make sense of her surroundings. For one thing, she can't stop hearing the strange voice of a disembodied child, which seems to have something to do with an animated doll. And for another, she's forced to interact with a mysterious woman she's never met before. Intira Jaroenpura stars in this hallucinatory horror flick.

This film could not hold my attention.
There are good qualities about the film in mere instances. Such as it's production quality and acting and some fairly original ideas. Ultimately though, as a whole, there is no real character substance or identity. The entire film is soaked in a wrongfully scored soundtrack. The story just completely becomes gooey and loses all it's foundation by trying to redeem the fact that long black haired ghost girl stories are a dime a dozen by adding some ritualistic occult ideology to the plot. For which is teeters into another underdeveloped portion of a movie just becoming a seemingly long, uninteresting drawn out, and unsatisfying pretentious mess.

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