Thursday, September 24, 2009


Okay, this isn't really a review or an over view this is me being mad and disappointment
in the lack of character richness that I've come to expect from Noe's films.

I did not give a fuck about these characters, they were pieces of shit who deserved their tragic upbringing and the whole reincarnation out of body experience, if that was the point and the characters were something to forget, you failed even more Noe.
And I love the guy.

Enter the Void 2/5 6/10

Cool idea, technically the best film ever made thus far, but poor, writing and the mistake of casting no name actors
to fill in such shallow shoes, leads to a tiring whirlwind of contrived profound failure. A film that is probably the most inventive and obscure pile of shit ever constructed yet it holds no substance or real character value. No name actors could have worked but these ones sucked and ruin it from the start. The characters of Alex and the parents of a drug abuser friend Victor are the only characters that can act and they are mere sub blots. The children actors couldn't even save this despite the few rewarding moments the younger Linda tour de forced. Half of the film could have been left on the editing room floor. I absolutely fucking hated how demanding this films was. Some might defend it, "Oh the hallucinations and visuals, er"... People, Jan Kounan in 2004 made a half decent film called Blueberry: L'expérience secrète and guess what? They easily rival those of Enter the Void.
However, all the hating aside; best editing, I've ever seen. This is such a subversive stamina draining journey on an impact scale of 2001: Space Odyssey. 155 minutes and the opening credits are the best thing about this film. The transitions are amazing at first, but continually their grandeur is over played and their welcome over stayed and they become ridiculous, needlessly self indulgent in all the wrong ways. Sorry but maybe I'll like this in 4 years because right now I just don't get it.

Oscar and Linda are brother and sister. As toddler's they are young and happy amongst their happy parents.
One night, the family in a car in a tunnel, are in a head on collision with a semi truck. The parents die.
The kids are kept by their grandmother who is dying. For the children's sake despite their incredible bond and
traumatic life altering experience are then given up for separate adoption to foster homes. This is never expanded upon
and makes the grandma a dying idiot for why would she separate the two?
This feels completely empty, needless and just a contrived emphasis on their tragic up bringing.
Oscar as a child seems to understand being 2 years or so older and plays it a cool silent soldier.
(I guess the blood pact the two toddlers made with a knife
in flashback scenes means he knows they will never truly be separated...pft)
in the meanwhile toddler Linda is flipping out, screaming... exclaiming stuff about them always being together.
Usually when little kids flip out and act crazy it's effective in adult films, in Enter the Void this is hit or miss.
So after 15 years or so of living apart Oscar moves to Japan and meets Alex.
A sensitive artist drug dealer who introduces Oscar to his drug contacts. Oscar then begins dealing drugs to make a living.
He doesn't really deal seriously, or get even when they flashback and explain how everything unfolded
so this makes the turn of events even more obnoxious.

He meets up with a creepy
gay drug dealer, who really holds no value to the story, (like most of the characters). Once Oscar had made enough money that is when he called his sister up, paid for her to fly over to Japan and live with him. For some reason she lectures him on becoming a druggie when she's out at the club dancing nude and face sitting and whoring herself to the owner. She's a stupid fuck. As is
Oscar. I have no sympathy for these people, both are shallow and clueless and deserve what they get.

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