Friday, October 9, 2009



USA 2009

2.8/5 5/10

When an accident takes the life of the unborn, 8-month-old fetus inside her, Madeline Matheson (Jordan Ladd) insists on delivering the stillborn child -- only to discover that the baby is alive and heinously hungry. Before long, voracious baby Grace spurns milk and forces Madeline to slake her insatiable appetite for blood. Paul Solet directs this masterful horror movie, while Gabrielle Rose and Stephen Park co-star.

As much as I wanted to like Grace, I just could not get passed a few key points that were just left empty.
There is this ominous shell of promise around Solet's debut feature but the hollow inside suggests that maybe more attention
should have been made to cementing the reason behind what Grace is all about, a zombie/vampire baby and her docile mother.
The look and feel of the film is really well constructed and directed. The acting is fallible but satisfyingly convincing.
What makes the audience wonder is the point, the reason, the explanation. Where in films that interpretation and open endings
are made essential and acceptable, Grace I feel as a story, doesn't cop out, but the film does not know what to do with itself
and ultimately in the end does feel like a cop out. The director's point I'm sure was to establish the idea of unconditional love
amongst a Mother and her kin, but ends up being a passive aggressive utterance of vaguely captured emotion that bears no substance
or true understanding of what is trying to be said. The idea would have been cool if a balance of such anxiety could have been
laid next to, what exactly the baby was and why. Because a Mother's love and yearning and desire to have a child for which on 2 previous occasions her husband and her had a miscarriage, doesn't constitute any substantial reason for such an exploitation.
Subplotted of Grace's dead father's Mother, desiring to take the child away and raise it her self is just as forgetful and loose
as the midwife, hired by Garce's Mom who was once involved as lesbians with... Huh?

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