Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dragon Tiger Gate

Hong Kong 2006

A dispute with his master (Wah Yuen) at Dragon Tiger Gate martial arts school leaves Dragon (Donnie Yen) on his own. But the appearance of the evil Shibumi (Yu Kang) prompts Dragon to reunite with his younger brother and fellow student, Tiger (Nicholas Tse), to battle the ferocious Shibumi. Wilson Yip directed this action-packed adaptation of the smash hit comic book series by Yuk Long Wong.

Despite never being keen on the comic book Dragon Tiger Gate kept my interest through and through. Reasons being; 1. Donnie Yen. The man is amazing and has a distinct prowess that is so well developed stylistically that he appears so much more superior than all even when the main bad guy seems to have the upper hand. The acting is great but the storyline and choice of climactic settings and turnabout could really drive a viewer into a more negative leaning of a partial opinion. Overall, if you do indeed understand that it is based off a comic book and the story is just following the origin then you can really let bygones be bygones and appreciate the ferocity each fighter displays in the brutal over the top fight choreography. Delicious and intense even with the crappy ending.

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