Sunday, February 22, 2009


Norway 1997

Sent to a Norwegian town to help with a homicide investigation, tenacious detective Jonas Engström (Stellan Skarsgård) and his partner set a trap for the suspect. But the fog-shrouded stakeout goes awry: Engström mistakenly shoots his partner, then covers his tracks -- forgetting that the suspect witnessed the killing. Soon, Engström's guilty conscience and insomnia in the land of the midnight sun lead to a downward spiral into chaos.

How does one wash their own hands of someone else's blood? What if that blood belonged to a dear friend of yours who fell victim to your panicked split second decision? Apparently to the lead actor Stellan Skarsgård's character, Jonas;
Just lie about it and cover it up.
Jonas is a Swedish detective you is assigned to a murder case in Norway of a high school girl.
His reputation of being one of the best detectives creates a tension on the investigation team assigned to help solve the case. Jonas goes without end on not only protecting his integrity and reputation against a mortal mistake but also to solve the murder case jeopardizing innocent lives to find the killer, boring a deep well of guilt and a sense of inhumanity in his subconscious. Amazingly acted and really well shot. The pace of the film holds strong and interesting. Continuity is played forthright to a taut expertise, infallibility. Rich in character and tension is pungent with the cast's chemistry.
Overall intently satisfying finish. Do see.

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