Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Nest

France 2002

Samy Naceri, Benoit Magimel, Nadia Fares, Pascal Greggory and Sami Bouajila star as the ruthless members of three warring gangs who end up hiding out in the same warehouse. Although it's gargantuan, the place isn't nearly big enough for all their egos, grudges and baggage. Everyone's jostling for control, and worse, they're all armed with weapons to ensure they wind up at the top of the bloody heap. Who will end up in the seat of power?

I really loved how this film's pace and direction utilized minimal dialog and straight forward construction of storyline by just showing how each group of characters come to intersect in what I'll just call an intense predicament. 3 separate parties of armed people with their own missions mesh together in a bloody showdown. Santi and Nasser are best friends who head a underground crime ring of electronic sales, by picking off company warehouse stock piles of laptops, stereos etc. It's not just small business either. The group of individuals are elite and big time professionals. An elite group of police are transporting a notorious mass murderer/rapist cult leader, until his private army comes to his rescue. The private army is nasty and very intelligent, making for a very difficult obstacle to overcome for the small group of elite police, even with their armored vehicle that they are transporting the cult leader in. Upon the rescue attempt a missile dislodges the armored vehicle killing a police officer and forcing the police group to hide out in the warehouse the professional thieves just so happen to be robbing. At first tensions are infallible between the gang of thieves and police but then are forced to join sides as the private army becomes a threat to both. Face paced. Violent. Straight forward. No prisoners. And a subtle commentary on dedication, sacrifice and true friendship.

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