Friday, October 9, 2009

The Devil's Game

더 게임
Deo ge-im

Korea 2008

4/5 8/10

A young illustrator in his prime named Min,lives a modest living doing portraits in the city,
his girlfriend whom he's very much in love with, owns a flower shop with her mother.
The Mother and girlfriend owe money to some local gangsters and it's a lot of money for those living a modest life.
One day, Min gets a mysterious phone call from a joyous old man who declares Min lucky and that by being male, he had won the old man a bet. The old man insists on thanking Min personally. Min meets the old man and discovers he's loaded with billions, huge paintings cover his mansion walls, with butlers and servants at his beckoning. The old man wants to make a bet. What is at stake is huge. And what
follows is a 180 degree turn into loneliness, self loathing, true love, treachery, cold heartedness, a couple ridiculous break throughs in medical science and an open ending that leaves the viewer thinking not only about the turn of events that have unfolded in front of them
but your actual life and what you should not take for granted.

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