Saturday, October 17, 2009


Chile 2007

5/5 10/10

A shy, inconspicuous man named Maco (Marko Zaror) decides to become a self-made superhero when he gains national notoriety for unintentionally rescuing a television reporter from the clutches of two dangerous criminals. Action director Ernesto Diaz Espinoza follows the success of his South American breakout film, Kiltro, with this martial arts gem that also stars Maria Elena Swett, Ariel Mateluna and Mauricio Pesutic.

This film is pure gold. Reasons being many, but mainly for rich character emphasis and the action sequences.
Secondly there is a deep emotional construction of all the characters. Focusing on those who have withdrawn from
society as true underdogs and some that are in the spotlight doing anything to boost their financial and commercial ego.
A young shy martial artist who works at a dead end local club as a doorman, trains extensively in the martial arts as a passion and purpose.
His heart is big and pays weekly visits to his younger artistically talented brother in a mental hospital who has lost all of his barrings due to being raped by a group of men who killed his family during a random street assault.
This group of men are of larger crime syndicate known as The Pedophile Network who kidnap and market young children in
a twisted sexual trafficking ring. Police are helpless due to lack of evidence and cannot seize, search the powerful crime ring.
One night while jogging the young shy martial artist prevents a burglary and a rape of a young news anchor. She then calls
him out during a report on live television and kind of paves the idea for MIRAGEMAN.
From there we see a classic take on developing a super hero, but in a low budget, modestly ambitious stylistic way.
Setting up an email MIRAGEMAN receives messages online of people in distress, sometimes backfiring in his face.
We see him deal with his social insecurities and the treachery of the media moguls that helped his inception into crime fighting.
From natural comedic relief to sad sights of emotional distress as well as brutal full contact fight scenes. I actually think this may
be my favorite super hero movie. Do not miss this inventive and big hearted action film.

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