Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Room

USA 2002

Terrible performances, ridiculous situations and unbelievably dim-witted dialogue abound in this unintentionally hilarious masterpiece about a banker (Tommy Wiseau) who discovers his fiancée (Juliette Danielle) and best friend (Greg Sestero) are having an affair. Lead actor Wiseau writes and directs this steamy, quirky and utterly bewildering cult favorite, which fails on so many levels that it delivers nonstop laughs from beginning to end.
1/10 yet a 10/10 (HUH?)

This film divides audiences. Critically it is either the worst film ever made or the best movie ever made. I was blown away. This is the biggest pile of steamy lard to ever be made and for $6 MIL! With a crew of over 400 people?!! This is genius it is that bad. Wow, absolutely terrible. It changed my life. I could not get this film out of my head. Watch the interview with Tommy Wiseau on the special features menu after you watch the feature. Your guts will hurt from laughing so hard. Love to hate it. This is a must see! There's nothing special about the plot, in fact it's horrible. Guy really loves woman, woman pretends to love guy, sleeps with the guy's best friend. That is it. Nothing else. AMAZING! Most awkward sex scenes I have ever seen and they do not ever seem to end. The score is so typical and tries to build a suspense that only lingers like a bad soap opera. Tommy Wiseau is the best in this. A Christopher Walken that had a stroke and then was retrained to talk by Anthony Hopkins and 1990's Van Damme. You have to just buy this.

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