Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Candidate

Denmark 2008

Jonas Bechmann, a defense attorney, is a man of the system. Until the day he himself is accused of murder. Taking matters into his own hands, he throws himself into the hunt for a group of blackmailers who threaten to expose him as the killer. But nothing is what it appears to be, and the blackmail links back to his father's death under mysterious circumstances a year and a half earlier.


Besides two major bummer flaws of "The Candidate"; One being something I must not spoil the other is just the whole reasoning and justification behind what is really causing the antagonists to go through all this intricate blackmailing scheme.
Once you see how detailed and technically, psychologically involved this master frame job is for Jonas, you will just be wondering, why?
Fast paced editing and brilliant performances, you got Bodnia who I just love, Nikolaj Lie Kaas who was intimidating as fuck in Bornedal's "Kærlighed på film", which was one of my favorite films I saw last year. Some other familiar faces pop up through out making a solid cast. However with too many curve balls there is just something loose
with the big picture.

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