Monday, March 16, 2009


2002 United Kingdom/Germany

Jamie Bell, Hugo Speer, Laurence Fox, Andy Serkis and Matthew Rhys play English soldiers stuck in enemy territory in this spooky World War I thriller. Desperate to stay unseen, they bunk out in an abandoned German hideout, where slowly, one by one, they're picked off by an otherworldly enemy they can't identify. For the rest of them to get out alive, they must understand what they're up against so they can vanquish it before it conquers them.

Deathwatch contains a lot of original ideas of violent oddities throughout it's wet and muddy terrain. Though the acting is terrific, the soundtrack seems out of sync sometimes with the films pace. Don't get me wrong the score is great but at times it brings the film completely out of it's structured environment, really weighing down what momentum the director had obtained through the intrigue of strong character discrepancies. Ultimately the film is a sure winner. But with the fore mentioned, the revelation the film builds up and spills in to sort of leaves you with a bland, unsatisfying taste in your mouth. Good film, though.

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