Sunday, March 22, 2009


Japan/France/South Korea/Germany 2008

Directors Michel Gondry, Leos Carax and Joon-ho Bong each contribute a short film set in the great metropolis of Tokyo. Gondry's "Interior Design" follows an aspiring filmmaker who drifts apart from his girlfriend as they pursue a future in the big city. In Carax's "Merde," a strange man commits a bizarre series of controversial public acts on the Tokyo streets. And in Bong's "Shaking Tokyo," a recluse falls in love with a pizza delivery girl.


Inventive, imaginative, intriguing yet completely identifiable. Tokyo! brings three non-Japanese director's visions of Tokyo, Japan together in this 3 part movie of top notch performances and production. Each film maker, with their distinct styles really bring a lot to the table. Where a despairing laugh or an empathetic tear is just around the corner of every scene, TOKYO! is absolute in it's searing captivation of all things that make the human condition complicated, yet so frail and unstable, yet intelligent and simple.Very fascinating movie with a high replay value!

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