Saturday, April 11, 2009


USA 2008

After accidentally killing a burglar while trying to protect his family, regular guy Wade Porter (Stephen Dorff) finds himself convicted of involuntary manslaughter and thrown into a maximum security prison for three years. Facing a harsh new world -- including a notorious mass murderer cellmate (Val Kilmer) and regular beatings organized by the head guard (Harold Perrineau) -- Wade soon realizes he'll have to toughen up if he's going to survive.


What starts off as a pretentious, 2 dimensional character infused movie, turns out to be a riveting, emotionally strong, raw acted, suspenseful triumph! There was some really deep dialog in this that brought tears to my eyes. Such a big surprise, I highly recommend this. The prison quarters and the guards procedures and ethics are very educational and degrading to even those that deserve to be treated in such a way. Wherein a realism is captured making the experience seem authentic. Full of sorrowful lessons of life in the cell with a life awaiting you on the outside as well as without anything to live for but respect on the inside, "Felon" delivers on all aspects of life making it easy to identify with, regardless if you have been to prison or not and especially if you have a family.

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