Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fine, Totally Fine

Japan 2008

Teruo, the eldest son of a used bookstore owner has a dream: to build the world scariest haunted house. About to reach his 30th birthday, Teruo is still idling away his life. One day, through the introduction of childhood friend Hisanobu, an extremely clumsy painter/artist comes to work at the bookstore. Meet Akari. A cute, attractive girl that both Teruo and Hisanobu soon fall for.
This small bookstore could be in any town and becomes a refuge for these individuals that have fallen out of the mainstream society. EVERYTHING IS ALRIGHT is an eagerly awaited hilarious film that portrays an easy-going, comical and heat-warming story that unfolds in a bookstore.


This is a comedy. A love story. A tale of brotherly commitment to their family and their Father's business. A tale of doing the things in life that make yourself happy while not compromising others. Simply a riot! I laughed from start to finish. Loving to hate some characters for their stupidity and just adoring the evolved throwback to slapstick comedy but with more of a horror genre twist. Very well acted and intriguing cast of characters that has to be seen to be understood. A very fulfilling story full of subplots that come together quite satisfyingly in the end. I highly recommend getting your hands and eyes on this. Some of the best sweaters you'll ever see. Yes, like winter sweaters...

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