Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Informers

USA 2008

Based on the book by Bret Easton Ellis and set in Los Angeles during the sex-, drug- and rock music-fueled early 1980s, this series of intertwining dramas features a range of characters reveling in the debauched excesses of the era. But as movie execs, vampires, ex-cons and others traverse the same seductive landscape, they also reveal the emptiness lurking just beneath the city's shiny veneer. Kim Basinger leads a star-studded cast.


Spotlighting the likes of both the top and bottom of the social heap, that being rich snobby spoiled twenty somethings, their formidably arrogant and selfish parents interconnecting to and from a voyeuristic hotel desk clerk(Renfro) and his relationship with his ex-convict uncle,(Rourke). The Informers is full of people you will just hate. Where luxury spawns hedonism, and what seems like a complete absence of morale, passion appears to only be in the form of carelessly having sex with everyone around you and snorting coke up your nose. As a marriage is attempted to be rekindled (Thornton/Basinger) despite a scandalous affair with an anchorwoman,(Ryder) the toll the adultery has taken on their marriage is far from forgettable let alone able to be repaired. The story is oddly told in a way where the audience is introduced to the characters with no dialog, merely a visual narrative dictating the irrelevance everything holds to each character outside of their drugs and promiscuity, provides an interesting overcast of depression and emptiness, that all in all, makes very clear the intention of the film. 3.5/5 stars.

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