Sunday, April 5, 2009


Hong Kong 2005-2008

Sparrow is a story that begins with intrigue: A group of petty pickpockets falling and heels over a beautiful woman of mystique. But during the course of their playful adventure, the film also attempts to capture something subtle and yet more poignant: The city of Hong Kong.


Sparrow is a heart felt, high brow examination of a group of anti-heros on the streets of Hong Kong and their lifestyle as "professional" pick pocketing. Kei (Simon Lam) is the groups leader, who like an army general dictates the guise of the crowd and his pick pocketing team of friends tactical alignments. When an attractive and seemingly distraught woman enters each of their lives, Chung Chun Lei (Kelly Lin) on separate occasions, each pickpocketer falls head over heels but never turning on one another, which is great! They all embrace the fact of the matter and that fact is that of the woman is running away from something or someone. Kei plays detective and discovers
that Chung Chun Lei is the young mistress of a high up crime, Mr. Kim Fu, a boss who earned his fortune through pickpocketing and is now retired and still has a lot of power. In an attempt to free Chung Chun Lei the group of pickpocketing friends serve as her knight and challenge the crime lord to an old fashioned duel of pickpocketing, totally shot in a signature Johnnie To style.
What a clean, honest heartfelt movie. BEST SOUND TRACK EVER!!!!!!! Seriously.

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