Saturday, April 11, 2009


USA 2006

Enrolling in a drug study to spice up his humdrum life as a low-paid meter reader, Les Franken (Michael Rapaport) begins taking an experimental antidepressant, which proves to have a few unexpected side effects. Convinced that he's actually developing special powers that can be used to fight evil, Les decides to quit his day job and focus on being a superhero … despite his doctor's professional opinion that his abilities are all in his mind.


Getting right to the point from the get go, "Special" sets the viewer up for an intimate look into the life of a lonely meter reader, Les,(Rappaport) who just doesn't seem to have anyone other than 2 brother nerds that own a comic book shop. Upon signing up for an experimental medication, Les believes he has developed super powers that are too real to him and all but real. Throughout the film, there is a psychological evaluation that preps the reasons why Les has powers not perceivable to anyone but himself. Les's life lacks a sense of purpose. Bottled up emotions and depression pour out into an interesting portrayal of a lonely man trying to find his place in the world doing what he feels is right for him; Saving the world while sacrificing himself. Paranoia and near psychosis ensues as the medication permanently etches itself into his bloodstream. An amazingly well acted depressing, yet completely uplifting film. Exceeded my already high expectations.

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