Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bad Guy

South Korea 2001

A privileged girl falls victim to a ruthless gangster in this disturbing drama. Obsessed with Sun-hwa (Seo Weon), gangster Han-ki (Jo Jae-hyeon) decides to prove that she's not out of his league. Han-ki devises a set-up wherein Sun-hwa is caught stealing money and is offered prison time or prostitution; she chooses the latter. As Sun-hwa suffers the brutality of her new profession, Han-ki, fixated, watches from behind a two-way mirror...

Sun-Hwa the co-star and leading actress of the film, totally has it coming to her. She is an over emotional, egoist brat, also a closet pervert and a thief with a dissonant interest in erotic art. The film does not really go in-depth about that but it is emphasized later on in the film as a love-hate and confused relationship starts to mend a broken Sun-Hwa and the lead actor Han-ki. Who might I say is the coolest, toughest, weirdo thug ever with an unhealthy obsession and nonchalant ego. The guy just doesn't die. He can not be killed. Now this whole moniker of his would be nothing special but as the film progresses into digression, Han-Ki's misanthropy is explained and it is understandable. You come to realize this hard skinned, ruthless individual was caring with an unmeasurable amount of love. With in an instant a tragedy ensured he lost touch of that once caring and loving side, turning him into what he is through out the film; A BAD GUY. Decent film.

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