Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Hungary 2006

Surreal and grotesque, this black comedy spanning three generations of men serves as an absurdist journey through the history of Hungary, from World War II through the communist era to the present. In postwar Hungary, a depraved hospital orderly spawns an outrageously obese son, Kalman (Gergely Trócsányi), who in turn goes on to raise his own progeny, a skinny boy (Marc Bischoff) freakishly obsessed with taxidermy.

One of my favorite movies, hands down. This is a rich, multi-layered study of 3 generations of Grandfather, Father and son. Making it 3 interconnected movies in one. Which is really advantageous for viewers because a lot of what would be considered, "shocking" or "gross" happens through out this incredible work of cinema. It touches base with human desires and their taboos. Gyorgy Palfi is truly a visionary director who I would not even begin to place in a category with anyone else, except maybe if I was forced to would say Jeunet or Gilliam only pertaining to the lighting and film grain. It would be a far stretch for me to compare Palfi to Jorg Buttgereit for camera work but there are some similarities. A work of groundbreaking art. Everything about this film is top notch. From the pace to the acting, to the plot. If you can find this, you have to watch it. It will change your life.

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