Friday, November 7, 2008

They Came Back

France 2004

A group of zombies walk out of their graves and head back home in this intriguing French film directed by Robin Campillo. Relatives of the undead aren't quite sure what to do with their returning loved ones, and neither is the government -- so the zombies are placed in emergency housing while authorities figure out what their role in society will be. Meanwhile, the ghouls are secretly going around conducting a little business of their own.

An interesting very avant-gardesque social study of a community faced with the unthinkable; Their loved ones who were once dead, have returned... In no way does this film overdo the circumstances as plausible, which really makes for a humble interpretation instead of coming off as some pretentious art-house profoundness of an explanation. There is definitely a genuine creepiness to the characters that are undead. As the film moves along at a mild building pace, it's construction can be blurry with an abstract simplicity that keeps you enticed. I was really skeptical within the opening frames but as it developed, the film grew on me. In the end I was not disappointed. The undead have defaulted personalities that are derived from their past lives when they were alive and cannot develop beyond their past habits. Though not justifiable realistic, the subtle manner in which the plot is executed, with reintegrating the "returnees" back into the social form of occupations, their citizenship, as well back into their families and lifestyles, its quite acceptable and intriguing. Nicely done.

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