Friday, November 7, 2008

V i n y a n

France/Belgium/United Kingdom 2008

Paul (Rufus Sewell) and Jeanne (Emmanuelle Béart) lost their young son, Joshua, in the 2004 tsunami, and cling to the hope that one day they'll find him. Believing she sees Josh in a brief video of orphaned children, Jeanne convinces Paul to undertake a rescue mission. The couple spends the last of their savings on a journey into the jungles of the Thai-Burmese border, where unknown threats await them. Fabrice Du Welz directs this dark odyssey.

People are really bummed on this film! I honestly do not see why, though. This had to be such a pain in everyone's neck to film. A very grueling, uncompromising slow, wet and muddy film. I felt so uncomfortable for the characters, in my tidy little theater seat, knowing when I left, my modernized lifestyle comfort offers a king mattress. This film was damp and creepy. Yeah yeah, "Apocalypse Now" that is a comparison you will hear when talking to someone who's critical and missing the point by being over analytical. I enjoyed it, it was not an easy watch and the characters were merely 2 dimensional, but the situation was ridiculous. Determination turns to desperation, turns to insanity, turns to prolific sacrifice, turns to muddy boobies and little kids coping feels. Throw some intestines in there for the slow burning. I appreciated it. It is visionary. And I saw it on the big screen with a burned DVD projection with bad sound and a bad transfer. So if I can find quality in that then there are sure to be people who really like this film.

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