Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saint Agne

France 2004

A young cleaning woman (Virginie Ledoyen) is dispatched to tend to a crumbling orphanage called Saint Ange that houses only one child. While going about her duties, the new housekeeper begins to witness supernatural occurrences, causing her sole co-worker, a cook, to question her sanity. Directed by Pascal Laugier, this atmospheric ghost story (originally titled Saint Ange) serves up plenty of spine-tingling chills and twists.

Pascal Laugier's debut feature is a fine achievement in alternative horror. Pascal is responsible for the already notorious "MARTYRS" movie currently in the film festival circuit. Hous of Voices has ghostly elements that apply to a young lady's downward spiral toward the afterlife. Her curiosity is triggered when a presence reveals itself within the huge foster school estate she's cleaning leading her to an intriguing and uncertain past of the facility. There is not so much a twist as there is an explanation of why things are happening, regardless the reasoning is a downpour of cold water to the face leaving a genuinely creepy result in it's wake. There are some surprising brutal scenes in this film, I was really impressed. Even though it was in French it was dubbed per Universal amazingly. There is no option to hear the original French dialog but it really doesn't matter in this film's case. Get it, watch it, like it.

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