Wednesday, November 12, 2008


France/Belgium/Mexico/USA 2004

Teenager Mike Blueberry (Hugh O'Conor) becomes embroiled with local bad guy Wallace Blount (Michael Madsen) when Wallace gets violent during a visit to a prostitute for whom Mike has fallen. Having been run out of town, a grown Mike (Vincent Cassel) returns years later and becomes the town marshal. When Wallace, who'd been presumed dead, blows into town, Mike is forced to face up to some demons from his past. Co-stars Juliette Lewis.

Despite having some of the most incredible visuals and amazing editing and cinematography ever offered to film the overall lack of heart and two dimensional story telling just collapsed under it's own weight. The storyline tries to hold a profound subject but fails to deliver any believable motivation behind ANY of the characters. Juliette Lewis ruined this film for me. Her portrayal of her character was off key to the whole movie's rhythm-less beat. If more of an effort was put into Cassel's character alone, it could have made up for film's overall lack of substance. Nothing felt tragic, but attempted really hard to be. I definitely did not give a toss about any of the characters, whether they lived or died or resolved any of their quarrels. I just wanted Juliette Lewis' character to die the whole time. Really bad. The visuals and the concepts behind the Native American mysticism was like I stated, INCREDIBLE, but not enough to pick up this forced and often boring western fantasy hybrid based off a comic book, I've never read.

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