Monday, November 17, 2008


USA/UK/Germany/Spain/Lithuania 2008

An American couple (Woody Harrelson and Emily Mortimer) seeking to smooth out their rough marriage buys a ticket on the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway. But a chance meeting with two other passengers ends in an accidental murder and high intrigue. Ben Kingsley and Thomas Kretschmann co-star as two Russian police officers trying to solve the baffling case in Brad Anderson's taut and gritty thriller.

Brad Anderson without a doubt has the ability to bring original stories to life in a minimal psychologically tense fashion. His talent is undeniable but has not yet mastered his craft in this field. Definitely more aesthetically indigenous than atmospheric compared to his previous two films, "Session 9" and "The Machinist, "Transsiberian" sets up an interesting and original premise with a frighteningly realistic circumstance. That is until the film hits a turning point where some of the actions do not sync up with the then developed characters, resulting in some unintentionally comedic and ludicrous moments. There are some mildly thrilling moments and however predictable and unbelievable the final resolution is, it is very satisfying, giving each character their gratification for the turn of events.
But the movie most definitely has it's flaws. I do not like to go into detail.I consider that giving things away and diverting the viewers own interpretations.
Worth a watch regardless.

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