Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Japan 2004

Sword-swinging werewolf Kibakichi gets caught in a battle of good against evil in this action-packed horror tale. Raised on raw meat in a land populated by monsters, Kibakichi sets out on a quest to see if he can find any goodness or compassion in humans. During his dangerous journey, he encounters ghostly monsters, man-eating skeletons and geisha who transform into giant spiders. Ryuji Harada, Mike Tanaka and Mubu Nakayama star.

This is bad. Really bad. A lot of reviewers are comparing this to something that came out of the 60's referring that it's a negative unintentional tone of the film. Not true. This is definitely the intention of the director and actually one of the positive things I can say about this film. The quick panning in and out of character's faces and swinging the camera back and forth horizontally on groups of people, the score and soundtrack are both a part of that homage to late 50's early 60's samurai flicks. But the storyline, the pace, the execution of just about everything, from costumes, to the blood, to the bad lighting and dialog, really make this film a rough viewing. I fast forwarded through most of it once I was about 40 minutes into it, due to the realization I wouldn't be missing much and would fall asleep if I had not. Eh, do not bother.

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