Friday, November 7, 2008


Japan 2004

After decades of warfare, Earth has become a toxic wasteland, and the survivors are slowly dying from a terrible disease. Dr. Azuma (Yusuke Iseya) has developed a genetic treatment that might help regenerate the population, but his experiment goes horribly wrong. Inadvertently creating a race of mutants that threaten the future of mankind, Dr. Azuma must seek an unlikely ally to help defeat the monsters he's created in this sci-fi adventure.

I finally got around to seeing this over much doubt due to almost being completely constructed of CGI, but in all honesty was blown away by this glorious uncompromisingly brutal, sci-fi epic. This could have fell short of perfection if it wasn't for the strong character development and their sentiments. Nothing does it for me more than structuring a misanthropic plot around humanitarian efforts to keep the peace despite the arrogance and corruption of leaderships running the world's powers. Bloody, awesome pacing, great acting, ridiculous detail and a truly profound and heartfelt resolution.

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