Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Infernal Affairs

Hong Kong 2002

A veteran cop, Chan Wing Yan (Tony Leung), is given an enormous task: to go undercover within his own department and finger the detective who's been deceiving everyone and leaking information to the criminal underworld. But the mole (Andy Lau), whose identity Chan doesn't know, also has no idea who the internal investigator is, and the two soon embark on a dangerous and perilous game of cat and mouse.

I am a big Asian film snob. Most of my collection is either Korean, Chinese, Thai or Japanese. This film has such a smart, nicely paced rhythm but not without it's flaws which are a result of a tedious effort being placed on tragic irony, deceptive morality and criminal profoundness that falls short of any real satisfying impact of a climatic resolution. With that being said, I was really surprised at how much better I liked Scorsese's revision of the original film. To know there is a prequel and a sequel to this film really takes away a lot of credibility from the movie. In "Infernal Affairs" the rawness is skipped, solely relying on each character's convictions to their attributes, which sort of takes away from the realism that could overall be portrayed a lot more intensely. Despite all that, the film is shot really nice and is a good film in the end.

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