Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Chaser

South Korea 2008

A serial killer is preying on call-girls from various escort agencies. In the midst of police indifference and incompetence, Jung-Ho (Yun-Seok Kim), an ex-cop-turned-pimp must dust off his old flatfoot skills to find the killer and save the life of one of his girls who has gone missing.

Unholy fuck! This movie is so intense and straight forward.
The characters, the lighting and the premise are breathtaking.
My heart was pumping 3/4ths of this film. Powerful performances
and grisly acts of inhumanity. No pretty pictures are painted
the only pictures that are painted are with blood and tears.
Gripping and relentless the movie never lets go of the viewers throat
and you never get the chance to come up for air. I advice a breathing

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