Friday, November 7, 2008

Dog Bite Dog

Hong Kong 2006

Poor young street boxer Pang (Edison Chen) is smuggled into Hong Kong from Cambodia and forced to serve as an assassin. With the police soon on his trail, Pang hides at a dump and meets Yue, whose affections keep him from succumbing to his inner demons. Fanning the flames is the equally unstable Wai, one of the cops assigned to Pang's case. Relentless action and highly stylized violence permeate this fast-paced Hong Kong crime film.

Brutal, unrelenting, violent, raw and very well done. It should end like 4 times before it actually does. But a lot of asian films seem to do that. Which I don't mind. The premise is okay, it's more so a weird flavor of action/romance. Total noir, ultra violent pace. Leaves a different taste in your mouth upon completion of it's viewing.

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