Friday, December 5, 2008

Bad Education

Spain 2004

Film director Enrique (Fele Martinez) is visited by his childhood Catholic school friend and lover, Ignacio (Gael Garcia Bernal). Ignacio gives Enrique a short story he's written that's a factual account of the molestation he sustained at the hands of their teacher, Father Manolo (Daniel Gimenez Cacho). But as Enrique adapts the story, he uncovers a dangerous web of deceit and revenge in this stark film from Spanish auteur Pedro Almodovar.

Convolutely executed without the viewer even realizing it, was what made this affluent work of cinema an intriguing viewing experience. Without giving too much away on the aforementioned I will merely state the acting was amazingly natural syncing believably with a thick homo-erotically charged and deeply emotionally scarred array of individual character developing. A thoughtful consistency of backdrops with warm and cool colors contrasting perfectly. Really sets the tone of genuine late 70's and early 80's. The connection from childhood abuse to adulthood was done rather tasteful really contradicting the rating. I really feel the NC-17 is a bit harsh, for there isn't anything that graphic visually. It is just honest portrayals and the MPAA just could not get passed their own sexual insecurities.

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