Monday, December 15, 2008

The Girl on the Bridge

France 2000

A despondent girl named Adele (Vanessa Paradis) is about to take a swan dive off a bridge into the Seine River when she's rescued by Gabor (Daniel Auteuil), a knife thrower who needs a human target for his show. The luckless Adele agrees, and together the pair thrives, winning a fortune gambling when not performing their act. But fate conspires to separate the duo, who find they need each other to maintain their lucky streak.

A very eclectic and involved upbeat romance with a brave opening interview with the lead actress. Two downtrodden people's lives intersect at a bridge where they are coincidentally about to leap to their early deaths. To much of their surprise even without realizing it at first, the two have an unusual and almost supernatural bond for which great fortune plays in their favor when they are together creating a magnificent and intriguing story that becomes more eccentric, beautifully quirky as well as relatively dangerous as the two's relationship progresses. Shot entirely in black and white there is definitely a noir overtone to this wonderful film

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