Friday, December 5, 2008

Seventh Moon

USA 2008

We start out with the Chinese myth (Which is on the poster). After, we follow Amy Smart and Tim Chiou enjoying their honeymoon during the ghost festival and pissing the locals off with their disrespect for the festival. As night draws near, their tour guide gives them a ride to their honeymoon getaway. In the dead of night, the guide gets lost and goes to find help, but never returns...

I saw the world premiere of this in September. The show was sold out and I was one of the last 20 people in the room. So I was in the first row. Oh do I just hate the first row. It was cool being 3 feet away from Amy Smart and director Eduardo Sanchez, but it was not cool watching this ALL SHAKY HAND HELD CAM film... So with that out of the way I really think it effected my appreciation for the film. There is not one instant where there is a steady panning shot. All sporadic and jumpy as on a hand held. No dollying.
This was annoying for many reasons. First being what felt like a forced rawness or attempt at capturing an intensity but since the camera never sits still, it just becomes agitating. The plot is awesome and scary, but through the technique of filming all goes down that drain. Second, no character chemistry. Chiou and Smart do not make a believable newly wed couple, no matter how natural the acting is. Thirdly, there were several things they could have done that would have naturally saved their asses.
I will not elaborate for that is against my reviewing ethics but, come on... climb onto the fucking roof. Gimme one steady pan shot and I would have liked it a lot more. Enough said.

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