Thursday, December 11, 2008

Skin of Man, Heart of Beast

France 1999

Two young girls (Virginie Guinand and Cathy Hinderchied) are spending some quality vacation time with their grandmother (Maaike Jansen) when their estranged uncle (Bernard Bertrand) returns after a 15-year absence. Tension and a sense of danger fill the air after the uncle's arrival on the scene, but the family tries to take it in stride … until the girls begin to have horrifying nightmares that may turn out be premonitions.

"Skin of Man, Heart of Beast" suits this film as a title, perfectly. To say the least without going into major detail, the acting and exploration of each character is naturalistic and gripping. The flow of the movie definitely structures itself around the family of character's habits and perspectives of each other. Simplicity and realism sparks laughter and tragedy that fuels intensity, sympathy as well sometimes suggested brutality and inhumanity. A real tour de force on many fronts of the human psyche and unconditional family empathy.
There are a lot of subtle innuendos of social digestion that sometimes our species need to just get out of our systems. Whether it be, screaming at the top of our lungs in the woods or on a hill, or punching ladies in the faces, yeah... it goes there, a lot.
People gave this a bad review under minding some of the acted as over done? I did not come across this at all! Critiques taking it as far as facial expressions on the main character CoCo never changing for whichever emotion he was feeling, uh no. Even so, the man is obviously a fucking tortured soul.

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