Friday, December 5, 2008


Denmark 2007

Aicha, a high-school student, is a passionate kung fu fighter. Her Turkish parents expect her to get good grades so she can get into medical school, like her brother Ali. But school doesn't inspire her. Defying her family, Aicha starts secretly training at a professional, co-ed kung fu club. A boy, Emil, helps Aicha train for the club championship and they fall in love. But the rules of life are not as simple as the rules of kung fu, and Aicha is forced to decide who she is and what she wants

This Danish kung fu film is more than just a fighting romp. It is rich in character inner conflict as well as family tradition plotted against one's own aspirations that defy bloodline respect yet define an individuals path in life. Which in this case is a Turkish immigrant in Denmark fond of kung fu and her family that strongly opposes the curriculum as a shaming waste of time. Naturally an adolescent with quite a good head on her shoulders knows and feels what is best for her. Regardless of her yearning to
progress in martial arts she is torn between the possibility of her family's shunning, particularly her Father's and is ultimately forced to balance the two. There are some impressive fight scenes and some incredible acting. I saw this at a film fest and there was a Q&A. Most of the stars were martial artists and not actors, and had never acted before. THE EXACT OPPOSITE SHOWS UP ON SCREEN. There are some really riveting and trivial moments. Great film

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