Wednesday, December 31, 2008

V o l v e r

Spain 2006

Written and directed by Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar, this humorous fantasy stars Carmen Maura as Abuela Irene, who revisits her hometown in the La Mancha region -- in spectral form -- to resolve problems she couldn't settle during her life. Abuela's spirit gradually becomes a reassuring presence to her daughters and grandaughter.

Almodóvar's distinct ability comes out strong in this entourage of subtly quirky yet realistic characters connected through their kinship and lives. Not as humorous as explained in many descriptions but lack of comedy does not deplete any of the lighthearted approach at the storytelling of many disheartened emotions. Many of which deal with family turmoil on abusive levels. Throw in some scandal and vengeance based of treachery and jealousy. And you have another work of cinematic brilliance from Almodóvar.

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