Monday, December 15, 2008

Soft For Digging

USA 2001

In this horror tale, a hermit, Virgil (Edmond Mercier), witnesses the murder of a girl named Claire (Sarah Ingerson) while searching the forest for his lost cat. When absolutely no evidence of the crime is found, the police stop believing Virgil's story. Haunted by nightmares of the girl's murder and by supernatural experiences, Virgil tries to piece together the bizarre mystery of Claire's life and death. Andrew Hewitt and Katy Petty co-star.

Soft for Digging is an interesting minimalistic horror film, with almost no heard dialog. Which in turn sets up a steady, subtle environment mostly in backwood Maryland. This is very effective for the feel of the film setting the viewer up real nicely with the turn of events being somewhere entirely different making it seem surreal at points in the film's climax, with white walls and dirty green aqua painted walls. I could not decide if the sound was off or bad. Or intentionally done weird. But it really is not intolerable, it is kind of charming. Some of the rabid sped up camera work can seem derivative and pretentious but the premise holds a simple unique plot line that cannot be denied. A good watch.

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