Sunday, December 7, 2008

S o r c e r o r

USA 1977

William Friedkin (The Exorcist) directs this tale based on the French suspense film The Wages of Fear. Four men (Roy Scheider, Bruno Cremer, Amidou and Francisco Rabal), each from a different country, are exiled to a South American town. The four are approached by an American company to transport the volatile substance nitroglycerin over perilous terrain for a healthy wage and a promise of legal citizenship. Will the men accept the challenge?

First off "Wages of Fear" the film for which this movie's basis retells, si one of my favorite films.
Friedkin's version takes a slightly different direction with developing his characters in a more up to date gritty manifest. There were some major change ups compared to the original but honesly, no complaints here. A grueling and intense journey goes from bad to worse at a consistent pace. Despite near perfection on the platform for which the film is based, there are some uneven character developing that overall does not effect the movie in a negative way but adds an uncertainty to a couple of the actors. Some really awesome shaky cam techniques that sets the tensions high from the very beginning.
The acting is hard boiled, stiff lipped and tough.
This movie really became really brutal! I was surprised and I liked being surprised. I am sure you do too. Watch "Wages of Fear" first. Then wait a few months and watch this. You'll love both!

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