Sunday, December 21, 2008

Old Joy

USA 2006

When old friends Mark and Kurt embark on a weekend camping trip in the Oregon Cascades, they soon find themselves exploring much more than nature in this meditation on friendship, memory and generational malaise. As the men journey deeper into the wilderness -- losing and then finding their way -- they struggle to find common ground in the divergent paths they've chosen for their lives. Daniel London and Will Oldham star.

This minimalistic tale is a quietly portrayed mildly eventful outing of two longtime friends who have taken two entirely separate route in their lives. Kurt one day calls up Mark offering to take him up to a quiet and desolate natural hot springs lodge. Mark now married with a child just around the corner has a moment of subtle tension with his wife in regards to going, which is really well played which is the case for most of the acting in the movie, very natural. Kurt and Mark then set out on their small journey catching up with one another's lives and trying to understand their choices. What I liked about this film is there was no tension or maliciousness. The two characters really are good friends and have no ill intent or contempt for each other. The dialog isn't rich but definitely has some sincerity behind it. "A must see" or "Exquisite" is a little stretch, it's a good movie and all but nothing incredible or special. If it were any longer I would not have felt so positive about it. An hour and 16 minutes was just fine.

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