Monday, December 15, 2008

How to Get Rid of the Others

Denmark 2007

When it is discovered that the least productive 5% of Danish society consumes 60% of government spending, the conservative politicians decide to quietly eradicate the problem.

Despite the very minor inconsistencies that would just not make sense if a government actually did enact a type of selective depopulating martial law on their country, this film was very good. Now it could just be the misanthrope in me, but the ideas are very plausibly elaborated on within the script and with such superb emotional acting infused with black comedy, you really cannot go wrong. A major social commentary regarding the utter uselessness of a large percentage of the world's population not supplying anything but their excrement and trash onto the Earth, which divides into a debatable
suggestion that not everything is society's fault but natural unfortunate selection.
Now hang yourself.

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