Monday, December 15, 2008


Thailand 2004

In the wake of a deadly SARS outbreak that's turned ordinary people into flesh-eating zombies, Thailand stands alone as the only nation to successfully block the pandemic. But when the virus finds its way into a crowded Bangkok apartment complex, it's up to an unlikely hero to make his way into the building -- and make it out alive. Supakorn Kitsuwon and Suthep Po-ngam co-star in this outrageous horror comedy.

This movie was bad. In a good way I suppose. It's one of the films you can multi task while watching. You know like cooking, or surfing the web. Only looking up to catch the subtitles. However I do own this and there are some hilariously bloody moments. Completely budgeted intentionally campy zombie romp! Bad acting, lame action and bad CGI. You should still probably watch it however. It's stupid.

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