Wednesday, December 17, 2008


USA 2007

Emmy winner Brian Cox heads the cast as Avery Ludlow, a simple, affable man driven to extremes when a group of teenage miscreants kills his beloved dog, Red. When it becomes obvious that the boys won't be held accountable for their senseless act, Ludlow takes matters into his own hands. Tom Sizemore, Robert Englund and Amanda Plummer also star in this disquieting thriller directed by Trygve Diesen and Lucky McKee.

I was looking forward to this under the radar subtly suspenseful justice seeking redemption film for quite sometime. I did not even notice it was available on dvd already. The film surely was what I was expecting with a little more, both in a bad and good way.
The bad is very minuscule. I know it was based of a novel accordingly so I cannot really rag on the slightly over dramatic at time dialog interweaving some sub plotting to fill in a full feature. Those tiny cons could have been completely excusable if it wasn't for some of the surprisingly flat delivery.
Other than that the film is completely solid and satisfying. A lot of authentic tension is built as the protagonist seems to fail miserably at over coming fittingly impossible odds of a seemingly unjust system of laws on crimes against animals.
The movie is not slow moving like some readers suggest. It is straight to the point and continually unfolds into a climatic Mexican standoff. The patience of Avery(COX) blatantly dwindles into a maddening set of wide open eyes, which really sets the the level of intensity to high octane. Nice.

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