Sunday, October 26, 2008


Eduardo Sanchez (co-creator of The Blair Witch Project) helms another chilling horror film. Five high school buddies are abducted by aliens from a farm in Florida -- but only four of them survive. Fifteen years later, the friends -- whose lives have been altered ever since -- return to the farm to face their enemy and seek revenge. Michael C. Williams (also of Blair Witch fame), Brad William Henke, Adam Kaufman and James Gammon star.

Altered is an awesome backwoods hillbilly sci-fi horror that truly delivers in almost all ways. How any one did not like this film, blows my mind! I actually had a discussion with Ben Rock in regards to this film, he's a friend of Sanchez's and Ben did a movie called Alien Raiders, which is a terrific film as well and I say this because I went and saw Alien Raiders because it was reminiscent of Altered. And Ben did not like Altered. Blew my mind when he said that. Anyway, this is a review here not a name dropping session, ALTERED is great! It has this frivolous overcast but at the same time maintains this genuine tension and straight forwardness that moves along at a heart pounding rate and doesn't let up. The characters are well backgrounded yet enough is left blank to be filled in by the viewer. The effects are mainly practical some very minor CGI, but I may be wrong. The gore is really well done. Not to forget that the resolution is super sweet and it concludes completely on a notion of a sequel that I would totally, back if it were made. Ben Rock loved Seventh Moon, Ed Sanchez's newest effort which I was very critical and partial to. So on that note this one might be hit or miss with certain crowds. A+ for Altered.

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