Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Save the Green Planet!

South Korea 2003

Believing that aliens in human form are systematically destroying the planet and all humankind, Byung-gu sets out to capture an alien leader and force him to confess. Because all the aliens look like humans, Byung-gu makes an educated guess and kidnaps the head of a chemical company. Byung-gu desperately tries to wring the truth from the man before the police close in and aliens destroy the world. Ha-kyun Shin and Yun-shik Baek star.

Took me by surprise as many reviewers suggest this is for sure, not a frivolous journey into a crazy Korean man's mind. It's a straight up dramedy, thriller, horror, sci-fi romp. Intense, inventive and profound. The end kind of went a little too far, considering you felt it had ended or should have 4 times already. But I'm completely satisfied with it overall. One of my favorite Korean movies to date. Definitely worth a rent, a watch and a referral.

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