Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Left Bank

Belgium 2008

Shit, this film has the best slow burn build up I
have ever come across other than
Once Upon a Time in the West or Bielinsky's EL AURA.
The title refers to a trendy new suburb on the shores of Antwerp's River Schelde. Built up with new luxury high rise apartments and miles of running trails through lovely wooded parks, it seems an unlikely place to find evil flourishing. Yet the neighborhood has a dark past and a darker secret.

The film can be summed up with "Each beginning is a new end"
for which you would have to see this to understand.
I had absolutely no idea what was going on in this film until the last 8 minutes.
They eventually hint around to the occult using actual historical stock footage through out the film. But beautifully atmospheric and depressing backdrops that really put a damper on the main characters life. And it's totally someone you can relate to on many levels because it's very believable and spot on acting really takes you there.

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