Sunday, October 26, 2008


In the 12th century, an orphaned young slave named Temudjin (Tadanobu Asano) escapes from his captors and begins the journey that will lead him to become one of the greatest conquerors the world has ever known. Honglei Sun and Ying Bai co-star in this Oscar-nominated epic adventure from writer-director Sergei Bodrov, the first in a trilogy that spans the life story of Genghis Khan.

This actually screened at CIFF07. I couldn't get off work to see it.
I will just say there is no need for another Genghis Kahn movie to be made now that this solid portrayal of the emperor has been brought to film. The bloodshed looked so good. Amazing character substance and what can I say, Tadanobu Asano is one of my favorite actors and I have yet to see him in something I haven't really enjoyed. Despite a lot of elaboration on what is actually known about the real life of Temüjin Kahn, it really packs a wallop in every way imaginable. Epic, bloody, beautiful, tragic and historic. You will love it and should see it.

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