Monday, October 27, 2008

FLOW: For Love of Water

USA 2008

From both local and global perspectives, this documentary examines the harsh realities behind the mounting water crisis. Learn how politics, pollution and human rights are intertwined in this important issue that affects every being on Earth. With water drying up around the world and the future of human lives at stake, the film urges a call to arms before more of our most precious natural resource evaporates.

A very moving and unsettling eye opener especially to Americans who live oblivious in the midst of the on going and perpetual water crisis. Water, a natural resource that has been manipulated and marketed as a profiting property in part of a booming corporate commodity. Because of water being the most essential of all things held as necessity, those same international companies have exploited that and detain the natural life bringing resource, causing life threatening scarcities world wide. THIS IS A MUST SEE.

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