Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cargo 200

Cargo 200 - Russia
Acclaimed Russian director Aleksei Balabanov interweaves stories of cowardice, corruption and horror set against the backdrop of the birth of perestroika in the Soviet Union.
Based on actual events.

Very intense and emotionally involved, horrific drama that depicts late Soviet in the early mid-80's society as hell on earth. Cargo 200 is a cryptonym used by the Soviet authorities for dead Russian soldiers who were shipped from the afgani war. This film builds and constructs an interweaving cast of characters all connected in variously tragic ways. The main antagonist is as my friend Mark remarked the equivalent of precise sinister evil of Javier Bordem in "No Country for Old Men". And he couldn't be more accurate. This guy is completely fucked up and does to a girl what no one should have the ability or insight to do to anyone. Very subtle too. Very nonchalantly twisted. Almost minimalistic in the sense of believable. I hate reviewing good movies by describing them in great detail, so that's why I am vague.

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